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The project LIFE – IP NATURA 2000 SVK (LIFE19 IPE/SK/000003) is funded from the resources of the European Union within the LIFE program and from the state budget of the Slovak Republic through the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.

LIFE - IP NATURA 2000 pilot locations

1Peatlands of northern and central Slovakia
The variety of habitats in this area is high, in addition to bogs and forests, there are also habitats of meadows and pastures. In these areas, mowing, tree removal or biomass mulching will be done to ensure the best approach to the management of bog habitats. The aim of the planned in-depth discussion with the owners and users of the land will be to ensure the long-term sustainability of the land.
Frequent floods created floodplain grass ecosystems, which are the most valuable landscape element in this area. Alluvial forests near watercourses, especially near the Morava River, are no less important. The activities of the project will therefore be focused to introduce agroforestry systems, thickets and trees will be removed, and grasslands will be created for grazing. Among water management activities will be included the restoration of coastal areas and the reconnection of selected river meanders.
3Muránska planina
Poses as a very diverse and species-rich area. The most represented are forest areas and grasslands, in a smaller part water and coastal ecosystems. The activities will be aimed at improving the environmental conditions for capercaillie, i.e. reducing the tree density, measures for reducing of density of wild boar and selected predators and others. Another activity will be the restoration and care of semi-natural grass areas.
Represents a mosaic of alluvial forests, wetlands, oxbow lakes and alluvial meadows and silts from the Latorica and Bodrog rivers. Provides home to 16 biotopes of European importance with many rare animal and plant species. Grasslands will therefore be restored in this location through thinning and deforestation. The construction of the water supply infrastructure and the construction of a canal to supply water to the oxbow lake of the Tajba, on the Bodrog River, will also be significant.
A high diversity of plant and animal species is typical for Poľana. There are 15 biotopes of European importance. Mountain meadows, temporary peatlands, trails, various types of forest cover in the southern region, abundantly managed meadows, pastures, old orchards and arable fields are the most represented. Project activities in this location will include restoration of mountain meadows and management of younger meadows. In the affected areas, it is important to improve the environment and the state of protection of Tetrao urogallus, as well as the endemic species Thesium ebracteatum.